Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Summer Sharer: Craft Capers

This is the part of 'Summer Special' where you get to show off what you're doing this summer. Today we're asking the questions:

What craft project are you working on at the moment?
Do you have any interesting (or funny) stories about craft that you'd like to share?

As usual, answer on your blog (please leave a link back to this post) or in just in the comments if that's easier for you. Then leave a link so that we can all take a look and admire your handiwork. 

My reply:

I have a few sewing projects going on at the moment:
A horse patiently waits to become a cushion
Zebras storming across a tapestry
  1. A cushion with a cottage on it. I sewed the picture a few years ago across many holidays. I've sewn the zip on and the next step is to sew together the piece of material currently tacked onto the back of it with the sewing machine.
  2. A cushion with zebras on it. This was a more recent piece of sewing, and I've yet to actually start making it into a cushion
  3. An Egyptian tapestry. You may remember me posting about this when I first got it. Well, now its about half way and I'm quite pleased with the progress so far. I plan to mount this and hang it next to my other Egyptian tapestry.
My Egyptain tapestry (in progress)
I'll try to remember to show you some more pictures when I finish these projects.

Tomorrow's  'Summer Special' posts are on 'Blog for the Thought' in the morning and 'Living in A Time Warp' in the afternoon.

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