Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Suggested Activity 3: Relax on the veranda or patio

Apologies to any followers who got this a day early (I accidently published instead of scheduling originally)

Relax on the verandah or patio

'The Story Factory Reading Zone' readers say:
I like using my mother's verandah and just lie and soak up the sun or read or cross stitch.
I don't have a verandah, but I do have a patio where I enjoy sitting and watching the butterflies. There are so many things you can do just outside your home, whether it be reading, sunbathing, cross-stitching, writing, or just simply watching the world go by.

Over to you:
 If you have a patio or veranda, what do you like best about it? 
If you don't, do you ever dream of having one and what would it be like? 

The next 'Summer Special' post will be at 1pm (UK time) on  'Blog for the Thought' where you can read my recipe for a cool peach sorbet

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  1. I have a porch which I had enclosed a few years ago, because I love setting on it, but the mosquitos would chase me inside in the Summer afternoons and evenings. Now I can set out on it anytime of the year. I love to set on it and read, crochet and blog.