Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bookish and Music Inspired Crafts

Today's Suggested Topics:
  • Have you ever made any book or music-related crafts? If so, share them with us
  • Share a picture of a bookish or music-related craft that you've bought or would like to buy
  • Tell us your ideas for a bookish or musical craft
Feel free to link up your blog/twitter post etc. in the comments, or post directly in the comments if you wish. Don't forget that each day you can enter one suggeted topic post you make for an extra entry in our giveaway.

Magnetic bookmarks

It was several years ago when I had the idea of making some magnetic bookmarks for a talent event at my church. It seemed the perfect choice for me- it used my IT skills and was related to my favourite activity (reading).

Later on, I was looking for some small crafts that I could sell and thought about this as a good activity to resurrect. They seem to be quite popular- pocket-money gifts that are practical (they don't fall out of your book like normal bookmarks).

At Christmas I decided to make a couple of my designs musical as well- my favourite was a cornet player with a red festive background. I was planning to show you some pictures, but as the computer they're on has decided to defunc, they'll have to wait.

You can win one of my homemade magnetic bookmarks (along with other great prizes) by entering the 'Music Through the Pages' giveaway. Don't worry if you don't win this time though, they'll be plenty of opportunities later on. I'm also considering giving some away at the next BookCrossing UnCon, so if you're there you might just get one for free.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stories That Inspire Music

Today's topics:
  • Tell us about a piece of music inspired by tale
  • Share with us a musical that started out as a story
  • Make up your own piece of music (lyrics or sing it onto YouTube) with a story as a basis

My earliest musical story

I remember when I was little sitting down infront of the stereo and listening to a tape of Peter and The Wolf. It was an orchestral version with each character being played by a different instrument. At the beginning all the characters and instruments were introduced. I remember vividly the high fluttering voice of the flute which played the bird andthe deep sound of the bassoon (which I think represented the wolf).

What I really liked was how the story took out a new depth when instrumentation was added. It was so easy to imagine the bird being stalked by the wolf, or Peter merrily playing.  I would close my eyes and wish myself into the scene, seeing each moment with fresh eyes.

Music and words, both inspiring in their own right but, together, truly magical. What more can be said but that?!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Music Through The Pages Schedule

Welcome to 'Music Through The Pages', a 'Summer Special' August event!

Throughout August, I'll be bringing you a series of posts linked to all things music and book-related. I'd love it if you'd join in through your own blogs, facebook, twitter, or comments on my posts.

There will be a giveaway running throughout the event, entry entries for which can be gained for each daily topic you post about.

To help you find these topic posts (which will be spread over all my blogs) and to allow you to schedule your posts wheree possible, here's a schedule of where posts will be hosted each day:

Wednesday 1st August- Introduce Yourself
Thursday 2nd August- Music To Our Ears (Giveaways launch date)
Friday 3rd August- Music That Makes My World Go Round
Saturday 4th August- Favourite Authors
Sunday 5th August- Music Book Review

Monday 6th August- Music That Inspires Writing
Tuesday 7th August- Stories That Inspire Music
Wednesday 8th August- Music That We Listen To Whilst Reading
Thursday 9th August- Writing Music
Friday 10th August- Music In Writing
Saturday 11th August- Writing in Music
Sunday 12th August- Journalling a Personal History of Music

Monday 13th August- Book Soundtrack
Tuesday 14th August- Story of a Song
Wednesday 15th August- Hymn Books
Thursday 16th August- Bookish Music Parodies
Friday 17th August- Music in Writing
Saturday 18th August- Writing in Music
Sunday 19th August- Character Interview: The Music Edition

Monday 20th August- Setting the Scene
Tuesday 21st August- Books, Music & Craft
Wednesday 22nd August-  Matching Music To Reading
Thursday 23rd August- A Culture of Music & Literature
Friday 24th August- Music in Writing

Saturday 25th August- Writing in Music
Sunday 26th August- Marking the Ocassion

Monday 27th August- A Musical Argument
Tuesday 28th August- Music of the Moment
Wednesday 29th August- Characterising an Attitude to Music
Thursday 30th August-  The Final Party
Friday 31st August- Wrap-Up Post

As yet we have no banner or button for this event. If you (or anyone you know) is able and willing to create one I'd much appreciate it. Plus, as a thankyou, I'd like to offer you the chance to win a book. Click here for details.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pre-event giveaway

I'm the first to admit that I'm not particularly artist, so I need yor help to create banners and buttons for my summer event.
As a thankyou all who provide a banner/button for use during 'Music Through The Pages' will be entered to win a copy of 'What A Performance' by Reginald Frary, as well as getting an extra entry into the main event giveaway.
One banner and one button will be chosen for use during the event, and I'll select one of these to receive the book prize.

To enter, simply design a banner or button, post it somewhere where I can see it, and then fill in the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Announcing 'Music Through the Pages'

Throughout August I will be running an event across all my blogs entitled 'Music Through The Pages'.

This 'Summer Special' will be all about the relationship beween books and music and will include:

  • Extracts from books mentioning music
  • Reviews
  • Videos of songs about books
  • Music inspired by specific books
  • A giveaway
  • Daily topics for discussion on your own blogs/in the comments
I'm also planning to have author/blogger interviews and guest posts if I can get enough interest (forms will be available to fill in later this week if you wish to be involved). 
Any other ideas are, of course, always welcome.

The blogs involved will be:

That's all for now, more about this throughout this week.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Calling Creative BookCrossers

I've managed to get hold of a space for a BookCrossing Xmas Tree at my local Community Christmas Tree Festival. Loads of local businesses and organisations will be decorating trees to advertise what they do. Since BookCrossing is such a part of my life, I felt it was important it had a place in the community as well.
The festival is raising funds for the Oxford Night Shelter, so its all in a good cause.

I need your help though. To do this I need to have enough decorations related to BookCrossing or Christmas to fill a tree. I'm going to make some myself, but I wondered whether anyone would be willing to send me something to add, so that it really can be full without me collapsing from exhausted.

We will be setting up on Friday 9th December, so there's not long to go.
If you're able to help in any way please leave contact details in the comments (also the place to ask any questions you may have).
Thanks very much.