Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stories That Inspire Music

Today's topics:
  • Tell us about a piece of music inspired by tale
  • Share with us a musical that started out as a story
  • Make up your own piece of music (lyrics or sing it onto YouTube) with a story as a basis

My earliest musical story

I remember when I was little sitting down infront of the stereo and listening to a tape of Peter and The Wolf. It was an orchestral version with each character being played by a different instrument. At the beginning all the characters and instruments were introduced. I remember vividly the high fluttering voice of the flute which played the bird andthe deep sound of the bassoon (which I think represented the wolf).

What I really liked was how the story took out a new depth when instrumentation was added. It was so easy to imagine the bird being stalked by the wolf, or Peter merrily playing.  I would close my eyes and wish myself into the scene, seeing each moment with fresh eyes.

Music and words, both inspiring in their own right but, together, truly magical. What more can be said but that?!

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