Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Flying Away With Card-Making

Whilst at the Abingdon Air Show on Sunday I bought some cards by a local artist called Peter Bellingham. I was impressed with the range of his work- both cartoons and pictures so realistic that they could easily be mistaken for photos. The result- I ended up buying 3 of his cards with scenes of Abingdon on them.

I could easily have bought more cards though as there were quite a few different card makers selling at the event. The same was true at the Christian Resources Exhibition which I visited yesterday. So why are there so many card-makers out there? Well, here's a few of my suggestions why:
  1. Everyone needs cards at sometime or other. We celebrate loads of events with cards- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christmas and easter amongst them. And they're suitable for everyone, you can even get them for pets nowadays! That means tha there are a lot of potential customers out there.
  2. With a bit of practise almost everyone can make a card. This is because there are so many ways to go about it including sticking photographs onto card, drawing, painting, using pre-printed stickers and cutouts, and collaging (the list seems almost endless). And if you can't make cards then there are even companies where you can sign up to sell ones made by other people. 
  3. Its something that you can usefully practise before you start selling- begin by making cards for less discernable friends and relatives. 
  4. It's fun (or at least I think it is).
You may have gathered that I make my own cards. I'm not at the selling stage (yet), but that doesn't stop me enjoying the process. And it means that I can always find the right card for even the most tricky relative, as long as I have a bit of time.

Do you make cards, or do you enjoy buying from others?

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