Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bookish and Music Inspired Crafts

Today's Suggested Topics:
  • Have you ever made any book or music-related crafts? If so, share them with us
  • Share a picture of a bookish or music-related craft that you've bought or would like to buy
  • Tell us your ideas for a bookish or musical craft
Feel free to link up your blog/twitter post etc. in the comments, or post directly in the comments if you wish. Don't forget that each day you can enter one suggeted topic post you make for an extra entry in our giveaway.

Magnetic bookmarks

It was several years ago when I had the idea of making some magnetic bookmarks for a talent event at my church. It seemed the perfect choice for me- it used my IT skills and was related to my favourite activity (reading).

Later on, I was looking for some small crafts that I could sell and thought about this as a good activity to resurrect. They seem to be quite popular- pocket-money gifts that are practical (they don't fall out of your book like normal bookmarks).

At Christmas I decided to make a couple of my designs musical as well- my favourite was a cornet player with a red festive background. I was planning to show you some pictures, but as the computer they're on has decided to defunc, they'll have to wait.

You can win one of my homemade magnetic bookmarks (along with other great prizes) by entering the 'Music Through the Pages' giveaway. Don't worry if you don't win this time though, they'll be plenty of opportunities later on. I'm also considering giving some away at the next BookCrossing UnCon, so if you're there you might just get one for free.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stories That Inspire Music

Today's topics:
  • Tell us about a piece of music inspired by tale
  • Share with us a musical that started out as a story
  • Make up your own piece of music (lyrics or sing it onto YouTube) with a story as a basis

My earliest musical story

I remember when I was little sitting down infront of the stereo and listening to a tape of Peter and The Wolf. It was an orchestral version with each character being played by a different instrument. At the beginning all the characters and instruments were introduced. I remember vividly the high fluttering voice of the flute which played the bird andthe deep sound of the bassoon (which I think represented the wolf).

What I really liked was how the story took out a new depth when instrumentation was added. It was so easy to imagine the bird being stalked by the wolf, or Peter merrily playing.  I would close my eyes and wish myself into the scene, seeing each moment with fresh eyes.

Music and words, both inspiring in their own right but, together, truly magical. What more can be said but that?!