Friday, 11 November 2011

Craft Stall Number 2

So, my last craft stall went down pretty well with at least 2/3 of people buying something from me (apologies for the lack of pictures, some were taken but they haven't made their way to my computer yet), so I've booked up to do another table later this month. The pressure is on this time as I've had to put down some money for my table, so I'm hoping it goes even better than last time.

For sale will be homemade soaps and bubble bath in various scents and homemade magnetic bookmarks, as well as hand-crafted and photo cards, and a small selection of magnets. I shall also bring along a list of everything I can make and am willing to take orders.

The stall will be part of the Rush Common Pre-School Christmas Fete at All Saints Methodist Church (Abingdon, England) on the 26th November.
Doors open at 10am and will be open for two hours until 12pm.

It would be great to see you there. If you make it do let me know that you're a reader of my blog.

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